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EAS operates throughout Scotland and area experts at installing an servicing all types of entrance solutions and automatic doors. Some of the services we offer include: Door installationDoor maintenance and a 24/7 Emergency call out service.

We cover a range of door related products, such as: Automatic Doors, Manual Doors, Aluminium Shop Fronts, Access Control and Disabled Access Door Systems.

The blog will be maintained by several members of the Entrance Access Solutions. We also welcome guest contributions. So, if you would like to add to this space please do get in touch with us.

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May 2022

Tips to Prolong The Life of Your Automatic Door

In this blog I have decided to have a closer look at Automatic Doors and most importantly provide some “Tips to Prolong The Life of Your Automatic Door”. What is an Automatic Door and How Does It Work? An automatic door is a door that opens automatically, the type of door installed and just what […]

April 2022

Disabled Access – Are We Doing Enough?

In this Blog I would like to explore “Disabled Access In Glasgow – Are We Doing Enough” for people who rely on a wheelchair for mobility.  Are we doing enough to make sure that disabled people are not discriminated against and do they have the same options as able-bodied people?! Whilst walking down my local […]

February 2022

What is the Future of Access Control Solutions?

In this Blog, we are going to explore what the future of access control solutions may be. Let’s start by having a look at what  access control solutions there are at the moment and how they have changed over the years. What is Access Control? When we look at what Access Control means it boils down […]

March 2020

EAS – Business Continuity due to Coronavirus Notice

EAS – Business Continuity due to Coronavirus Notice Notice of Continued Service In regards to the current situation with Covid-19 we would like to share some important information with you to keep you up to date with our operations. As a business and with safety our utmost priority, Entrance Access Solutions recognise the importance of […]

March 2017

Proud to be helping Lucy to get to the special Olympics

One of the guiding principals of Entrance Access Solutions is to support our community. We believe it is important to support charities and foundations that make our society richer and help us take a step back to appreciate what we have. This March we teamed up with The Munro Agency and decided to support a […]

December 2016

Entrance Access Solutions Launches New Website

We’re excited to announce that after months of hard work, the brand new Entrance Access Solutions  website officially launched in December! The completely redesigned website offers our customers easier navigation, better options to contact us, responsive design, a new blog section and an overall better customer experience. The new design is intended to offer easier, more intuitive […]

Automatic Door Benefits


When customers first come to your commercial location, the first thing that they will notice is your doors. Automatically opening and closing doors make a great first impression on any customer, since they make it much easier for them to enter or exit your location. They can make your business less hectic, more efficient, and more convenient. When an automatic door is properly installed by a professional, they offer a plethora of benefits, such as:

Lessening Traffic

Automatic Doors reduce the traffic flow through your business. Visitors won’t have their pace slowed by manual or slowly revolving doors, and can quickly and safely enter and exit since the door opens automatically for them.

Makes your Business Energy Efficient

Automatically shutting doors work with the structure of your building, and can be locked after closing times. They respond to weather, and won’t allow for air transfer with the space outside your shop, helping lower the energy bills for heating or cooling your store.

Wheelchair access regulations UK

Wheelchair access regulations UK have been put in place to stop discrimination against the disabled and the physically impaired. Since the Disability discrimination act of 1995 many steps have been taken to ensure that wheelchair users can access all public buildings in the same way as the average person who doesn’t suffer from mobility issues. Since 1999 all businesses in the UK have been told that they must make the necessary changes to their buildings to ensure that wheelchair users can access them without difficulty and since 2004 to adapt physical features.

Hands Free

This makes it easier for customers or workers to enter or exit your business even when their hands are full of packages, bags, or working materials. Any adult with a small child will appreciate being able to enter or exit a store without having to let go of their kid’s hand. All in all, it makes it much more convenient for everybody.

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