Installing Double-Glazed Aluminium Doors

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We have been working with Rui to replace and upgrade the doors in his new restaurant in Sighthill, Edinburgh.

We were first contacted by Rui in February as he was looking to the 4th restaurant in Sighthill.  He bought an old restaurant, stripped it to bricks and mortar and was looking for the whole restaurant to be completely re-built.

The initial site meeting was with Rui, Scott and Craig and on attendance the building was literally a shell.  Rui was looking for EAS to replace the old tired and damaged timber doors with new double-glazed aluminium doors.  He was looking to install five door set in total which consisted of the main entrance double manual doors, two double fire exit manual doors, single manual swing door and an internal single sliding automatic door.

Once our quotation was accepted we issued Rui with his CAD drawings for each door set and following this we had a design meeting on site.  This allowed us to go over the drawings, bottom out any issues and finalise how he final project would look.

Aluminium Door Installation

We then put the doors into production which involves using senior SFG & SD sections. These are known in the industry as market leaders and the aluminium trade. They get used to build both frames and doors, due to their high quality and durability, they are our preferred supplier.

Within 3 weeks the job was ready for installation, we had three engineers on site for four days with two men on site for one day as there was also a large amount of work in liaising with other contractors that were also working on the project on other parts of the job.

On arrival on site the old timber doors and frames had to be stripped out to make way for the new ones.  We then worked closely with the joiner as he was timber lining the brick openings for us to allow us the best possible finish with the internal walls.  The next step was the installation of the new aluminium frames and double-glazed doors by the end of day three all external doors were secure.

Once all the external doors were secure we could then move onto the internal automatic sliding door.  For this we used a FACE sliding operator, due to its electric motor and near silent running this was the perfect choice for the environment.  In keeping in line with BS EN 16005 we fitted the latest in monitored activation and safety sensors ensuring that the door is as safe as possible.

By the end day four the job was complete however the height of the pocket screen was raised as an issue by Rui, he had now decided that he wished this to be a different size.  We put a new pocket screen into production immediately, putting this ahead of other jobs, as Rui was looking to have the restaurant open with the next week.  Within a few days we were able to return to site, change the pocket screen over and have a final walk round to sign the job off.


  • Location: Sighthill, Edinburgh
  • Type: Aluminium Doors
  • Client: Restaurant
  • Work: New Installation

Beijing Banquet is part of a chain of restaurants owned by Rui. Both himself and his wife Susan successfully set up a Taste of China in Coatbridge which has led to the opening of 3 Beijing Banquets in Sighthill, Glenrothes and Danderhall.  Beijing Banquet offers traditional Cantonese and Sichuan cuisines, and, of course, Beijing specialities.

Rui managed to make the launch date and has been very successful since opening.   When we visited after he opened we couldn’t get parked in the car park and there were no empty table in the restaurant! 

Based on our experience with EAS, without any doubt, they are the company you want to get for anything involving automated glass doors.


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Care Home Door Access Control Systems

We used a toughened glass entry screen with bi-parting toughened glass doors, meaning that the entrance was completely frameless. To achieve this, we used 15mm thick toughened glass screens that were drilled for mounting the automatic operator.

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Installing Double-Glazed Aluminium Doors
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Installing Double-Glazed Aluminium Doors

Once our quotation was accepted we issued Rui with his CAD drawings for each door set and following this we had a design meeting on site. This allowed us to go over the drawings, bottom out any issues and finalise how he final project would look.

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We replaced the bottom rails, took away the old bottom rails and replaced these with new ones. Once each door leaf had been re-hung we made sure the doors were adjusted and balanced properly ensuring they were safe for pedestrian use.

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