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Manual Doors - Tanning Salon

The Sun Studio

We have recently undertaken two projects with The Sun Studio to replace the manual aluminium double doors at two of their shops in Falkirk and Arbroath.

The Sun Studio shops are part of a chain with shops in East Kilbride, High Blantyre, Dumfries and Alloa.

We were first contacted by Daren as he was opening a new store in Falkirk and due to the store looking tired and run down he was wanting to install new doors.  Once that project was complete he asked us to quote for the same in his shop in Arbroath.

Both stores had double manual aluminium doors on them meaning that projects were similar to undertake.  The main issue across both sites were that the doors had over time dropped and were not in alignment with the rest of the shopfront and had been damaged due to misuse and abuse over the years.  This not only caused issues with functionality but with safety and security so this had to be addressed.

Both initial site meetings were with Scott , Craig and Daren.  Daren explained what he was looking to achieve with the new doors, as with amongst other things the staff on site at the Arbroath store were freezing, the old doors were letting in the cold!  This gave us the opportunity to express our concerns around the safety and security and the importance of upgrading them.  At this point we also discussed the order process including lead time for fabrication and timescales for installation.

One everything was agreed we put the doors into production which uses senior SFG & SD sections to fabricate the frames and doors, these are known in the industry as market leaders to the aluminium trade, and with being high quality and durable they are our preferred supplier.

Within 3 weeks of the order being placed both jobs were ready for installation.  Each install would take a two man team a day to complete.   On arrival at site the first aspect of the job was to barrier off the working area to make sure that it was safe for customers.  The next task is to strip out the old doors to make way for the new ones to be installed.  This involves removing the doors top arm from the transom closer and lifting it from the pivot.  After this we then continue to remove the rest of the shop front sections including the old fan light window and prepare the opening for the new frame.

The next step was the installation of the new aluminium frames and single glazed doors.  After assembling the new liner frame, it is installed inside the opening ensuring that all elements are plumb and level then once it is level it can be securely fixed in place.  This is done using high tensile screws.  Once the frame is in place the next task is to hang the new doors.  Once the doors are hung adjustments are made to ensure the doors are lining up properly and closing correctly, after this all pivots and arms are finally fixed to ensure the doors are secure and don’t drop over time.  The final part of the install is installing the new fan light window which completes the shop front.  The finishing  touch for the Sun Studio shops was to complete the build with the alpro full length pull handle which we believe gives the doors a little bit of class


  • Location: East Kilbride, Falkirk & Arbroath
  • Type: Manual Doors
  • Client: Sun Studio
  • Work: New Installation

The Sun Studio shops are part of a chain with others shops in East Kilbride, High Blantyre, Dumfries and Alloa.

The job was completed within the timescale agreed and we're very happy with the new manual doors.

Hopefully I get to open more shops in the future and will be able to use EAS again.


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