• Shop Fronts & Aluminium Doors

    Deliver, install and maintain Shop Fronts & Shop Front Shutters throughout Scotland and the North of England. Please use the "request a call back" function and we will get right back to you for a free consultation and free, no-obligation estimate.

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Shop Fronts & Aluminium Doors - Made EASY.

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Shop Fronts & Aluminium Doors

We deliver, install and maintain shop fronts throughout Scotland and the North of England. Please use the "request a call back" function and we will get right back to you for a free consultation and free, no-obligation estimate.

We strive to always offer our clients a professional and efficient service to ensure that your shopfront is safe, easy to maintain, and secure, and attracts a maximum number of customers for your business. As specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of custom-made glass shopfronts, our services extend to clients nationwide across the UK. We stand for quality, value for money, honesty and unrivalled customer service

Entrance Access Solutions Architectural Aluminium Shop Fronts are fabricated from the highest quality Senior aluminium profiles.

Thanks to our bespoke solutions and experienced team, our products can be custom designed and polyester powder coated to any colour that suits your brand or design. These systems are guaranteed to improve the look of your premises and are extremely durable.

Our high-quality aluminium is designed to be highly durable, low maintenance, and cost-effective.

Our aluminium shop fronts are glazed in accordance with BS 6262 and can be suited to your security and energy saving needs, from 10.8mm laminated safety glass to low U value double glazed units.

Our Shop Front Products 

Our commercial aluminium shop fronts come in a wide range of sizes and specifications to suit your particular needs and preferences. We put a strong emphasis on producing shop fronts that not only look great and professional but also endure daily wear and tear. Here's what we offer:

  • Aluminium shop front frames
  • Safety glass shop front
  • Sliding shop front doors
  • Automatic shop front doors
  • Manual doors
  • Revolving doors
  • Security shop fronts
  • Shop front locks
  • Toughened glass assemblies

Shop Front Design Services

At Entrance Access Solutions Ltd we take great pride in providing your business with professional and high-quality services. We will manage the entire process for you from start to finish, including the design, manufacturing, and installation stages. Some of our services include:

We would be delighted to advise you on your Shop Front

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    Shopfront Corporate Colours and Branding

    We can provide clear or tinted glazing, custom door handles, as well as a wide range of factory-applied RAL powder coated colours.

    Our bespoke solutions not only ensure that you get the right product for your business but that you also stand out from your competitors.

    Shop Front Tribe Porty by EAS Installation

    Shop Front Locations

    Entrance Access Solutions Limited is located within easy reach of all the major road networks up and down Scotland. We cover the entire central belt region and in particular major urban areas such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Perth, and Stirling.

    Quality Shop Fronts

    Our company only the best materials to ensure the end product is able to withstand any conditions such as the harsh Scottish weather. We create shop fronts and doors that meet the demands of constant and daily use.

    Our experienced team is highly skilled with several years of experience in manufacturing, installing and maintaining shopfronts and automatic doors across the UK.

    Letting us manage the process for you will enable you to go back to growing your business. Get in touch with us or request a call back now and we'll be sure to contact you for a free no-obligation consultation.

    Shop Fronts Shutters

    In addition to providing top-quality shop front designs, we at Entrance Access Solutions also offer high-grade shop front shutters for your business. Commercial Shop Fronts top require a certain level of security. That is why Shutters for Shop Fronts are an ideal solution.  An integral aspect of store security, our shutters are designed to provide reliable protection against break-ins and adverse weather conditions, without compromising on aesthetics.

    Robust and Reliable Shutters

    Manufactured from superior-quality materials, our shop front shutters are engineered for strength and durability. Built to withstand the rigours of everyday use, they serve as a strong barrier against any potential intrusions, ensuring the safety of your business premises even when you're away.

    shop front shutter

    What type of Shop Fronts do you offer?

    Entrance Access Solutions can offer fully bespoke Shop Front solutions, such as an aluminium shop front package. We can help change the look of your retail shop or office block by removing whatever is currently installed and replacing it. This includes, for example, removing old timber shop fronts and replacing them with new aluminium glazed shop fronts.

    What are the benefits of using an Aluminium Shop Front?

    The benefit of using Aluminium Shop Fronts is that the products come in a wide range of styles and specifications which can give you a different look and feel to the building as well as improved thermal performance.

    EAS can offer anything from a basic aluminium shop front with laminated single-pane glass to thermally broken shop fronts with double glazed units that have excellent insulating properties. High-quality shop fronts like these are very good at keeping the cold out and the heat in, which will increase the comfort inside your store and surely bring in more customers.

    Furthermore, aluminium is strong which means improved security. Additionally, fitting can be kept to a slim-line minimum, allowing plenty of natural light inside and helping to create a more attractive display of goods.

    What maintenance do Shop Fronts require?

    Shop Fronts require little maintenance.  An aluminium shop front is much better at withstanding large variations in temperature in both hot and cold climates. The weather does not affect an aluminium shop front as much as it would affect a timber one, making it an excellent choice for the exterior of your business.

    Where can they Shop Fronts be installed?

    Shop Fronts can be installed in a wide variety of buildings and environments, and come in a wide range of sizes. There are many advantages to such a system and as such you will find that many organisations around the world take advantage of this type of shop front. Thanks to employing a team of experienced professionals, our company has installed aluminium shop fronts in hotels, hospitals, office blocks and local shops.

    What information do we need for a Shop Front quote?

    For a Shop Front Quote we need to carry out a quick on-site survey in order to give you an accurate cost estimation. Understanding the dimensions of the property as well as access points and what is currently installed, are all important points for us. This allows us to provide an adequte quotation.


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