Automatic Door Installation

Automatic doors offer convenient access and help prevent injury to customers by waiting to open or close until the customer has completely passed through the doorway. This is especially helpful when it comes to areas of slower-moving traffic. Entrance Access Solutions (EAS)  installation, replacement and repair services for all types of automatic doors in the Glasgow, Edinburgh and Central  Belt region as well as the whole of Scotland.

Entrance Access Solutions (EAS)  offer the installation of any of your entrance requirements or needs. From the retrospective install of an automatic operator to an existing door to complete glazed architectural aluminium shop front with automatic entrance doors.


The team pride themselves or their ability to take you from initial contact through bespoke design, manufacture and installation always ensuring that the project is completed to the highest of standard and most importantly suited to the environment and end user’s needs.

When you hire Entrance Access Solutions, you benefit from years of experience, as well as the knowledge needed to ensure your doors are safe to use by visitors. We can give you the peace of mind that you need and deserve.

With our team of mobile repair units stocked with replacement parts, we're able to fix many automatic door problems during our first visit. The sooner your problem is fixed, the sooner you can get back to your schedule.

How do I get Automatic Doors Installed?

The type of Automatic Door you can have installed really depends on the where it is going to be used. We supply everything from small shops, to large retail units and buildings such as hospitals and offices. We even supply substantial construction projects with hundreds of doors at a time.

However, the process we follow generally remains the same. After an initial site visit we will issue you with a quotation for the work. Once this has been accepted and payment terms agreed we will be on-site to start at the pre-arranged date.

When we get to the site, we identify ourselves and set-up our work area. Generally, we will tape part of the work area off. In an ideal scenario we will have the work area shut off for the duration of the project in order to keep the public safe.

For a swing doors the installation time can be anywhere between 4 and 8 hours. All of the work required is contained within the door. We carry everything we need for the installation. The only assistance that we need is an electrical supply fed to the area of work. In certain situations we may require a fire alarm connection as well, however everything else is carried out by Entrance Access Solutions. We can also work on entrances outside of office hours if the project requires it. Please do get in touch with us and let us know your individual requirements. We work on all types of buildings from hospitals, office to shop fronts and security entrances. 


What information do you need for a quote?

Please fill out the quote form by following the link below. Generally, we will be able to give you a ball park quotation over the phone. However an accurate location will normally require a site visit.

  • What type of door or entrance solution do you require?
  • What type of work are we undertaking (installation, repair, replacement)?
  • What sort of building is the project being undertaken in?
  • What sort of systems and locks do you require?

It is important to make sure that your door system is going to be safe and it is installed by someone who is qualified to do the work.  Entrance Access Solutions Ltd will ensure that your dorr is installed correctly and complies with the latest health & safety requirements.

If you would like a FREE no-obligation quote specifically tailored to your requirements, then please get in touch to find out what Entrance Access Solutions can do for you.