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Steel Sliding Doors - Entrance Access Solutions Made EASY.

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Steel Sliding Doors by EAS

Made with quality and professional expertise, the EAS steel sliding doors are used in machine halls and various industries. Our sliding doors optimise your facility's functionality and insulation levels, especially in areas where safety, temperature, and cleanliness are critical.

EAS sliding doors are specifically designed to provide maximum durability and protection for your facility, wherever and whatever that may be. Our doors are purposely built to maximise energy efficiency, all while helping you maintain exceptional safety and security levels in your facility. We also have a wide range of sliding doors for various specific applications, such as clean rooms, cold storage, freezers, laboratories, and more.

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EAS sliding doors' metal profiles are purposely built to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Our special weather protection feature provides maximum strength and resistance against wear and tear, even with heavy use and high traffic. This ensures that your steel doors will continue to perform at optimal levels, even in the most demanding settings.

Whether you are looking for standard sliding doors, steel doors, double doors, pocket doors, hinged doors, etc., we have the perfect sliding door that meets all your requirements.

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Features of Steel Doors for Businesses

  • Heavy-duty steel frames that can withstand impact.
  • Thick insulated panels that reduce heat transfer and noise transmission.
  • Stainless steel tracks and rollers that can resist corrosion and wear.
  • Multiple locking systems to secure the door from the inside and outside.
  • Customisable options such as windows, ventilation grilles, and access controls.

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Steel Sliding Doors Specialist in Scotland

Benefits of Steel Doors for Businesses

  • Durability: Steel sliding doors can last for decades without significant wear or tear, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.
  • Security: Steel sliding doors can provide a high level of protection against theft, vandalism, and forced entry, thanks to their robust construction and locking mechanisms.
  • Energy efficiency: Steel sliding doors can insulate the building from heat loss or gain, leading to lower energy bills and carbon footprint.
  • Versatility: Steel sliding doors can fit any commercial or industrial setting, from loading docks and warehouses to offices and retail stores, and can be tailored to meet specific needs and preferences.
  • Aesthetics: Steel sliding doors can enhance the visual appeal and brand image of the building, with a range of colours, patterns, and finishes available.
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Types of Steel Sliding Doors for Businesses

  • Single sliding doors: They slide on one track and can be opened from one side only.
  • Bi-parting sliding doors: They consist of two panels that slide in opposite directions and can provide a wider opening.
  • Telescopic sliding doors: They have multiple panels that overlap and slide in the same direction, saving space and maximising the opening.
  • Manual sliding doors: They are operated by hand and require minimal maintenance and repair.
  • Automatic sliding doors: They are powered by motors and sensors that detect movement and control the opening and closing of the door, providing convenience and accessibility.

Customisable Solution for Every Application

Here at EAS, we do our own manufacturing. This allows us to offer a wide selection of door designs and specifications. Do you need internal doors or outdoor sliding doors? Do you want it insulated or non-insulated? Do you need it fully glazed, frosted glass, or a combination of glass and painted steel? Do you need an electric sliding system or hinged doors instead? We got you covered!

Our wide range of industrial sliding door designs allows you to customise and get the door that fits your specific needs.

With a maximum width of up to 30 feet, our steel doors can be used for various settings. Whether it's an industrial warehouse, loading dock, etc., we have sliding doors that are right for you.

Moreover, whether you need single doors, double doors, or a multi-panel system, our door specialists can customise the perfect fit for the unique needs of your facility.


Common Applications


Steel sliding doors facilitate the loading and unloading of goods, as well as protect the inventory from theft and weather damage.


Our doors can divide the production areas and control access to hazardous zones or clean rooms, improving safety and hygiene.

Retail stores

Sliding doors attract customers with their sleek design and allow for easy access and visibility of merchandise.


Steel sliding doors provide privacy, noise reduction, and security for meeting rooms, server rooms, and executive offices.

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It keeps the elements out of the equation

Each component of your EAS steel sliding doors - from fixed panels, side panels, metal profiles to aluminium profiles - comes with hardwearing weather protection.

All of our steel doors are specially engineered to provide maximum protection against external elements and harsh weather conditions. EAS sliding doors, in particular, are designed with weatherstripping to prevent air and water filtration, keeping your building clean, secure and comfortable, no matter what the weather conditions may be.

Large Panels for Natural Light to Get in and Give You an Exceptional View

EAS steel sliding doors feature large panels to help you get the natural light and the exceptional view your facility needs.

The large panels provide a clear view of the outside, making your facility feel more open, spacious, and inviting. Moreover, since you are letting in natural light, you get to reduce energy costs by reducing the need for artificial lighting.

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Sliding System for Easy Access and Low Maintenance

EAS sliding doors are equipped with an automatic system that will move the doors across the wall plate or fixed screen. This means the door sits closed and will smoothly and effortlessly slide open when activated (through an activation device such as an access control or radar sensor).

EAS sliding system is excellent for environments and facilities where space available will allow it and a great way to make a good impression at the entrance of any establishment.

Moreover, our sliding system requires minimal maintenance, ensuring that your sliding doors will continue to work optimally without the need for frequent maintenance, repairs, or replacements.

Toughened Safety Glass: Maximum Protection, Frosted Glass for Privacy and Style

To ensure maximum protection of your premises EAS steel doors can be equipped with toughened safety glass that can withstand impact and resist breakage.

You can also opt to equip your sliding door with frosted glass aesthetics and privacy. This feature allows more natural light in your facilities, all without obscuring the view from the outside.

Our frosted glass sliding door provides maximum light transmission without compromising safety and security.

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Steel Sliding Doors Specialist in Scotland

Factors to Consider When Choosing Steel Sliding Doors for Businesses

  • Size: You need a door that fits the opening and allows for adequate clearance and manoeuvring.
  • Design: The design of the door should match the style and function of the building and reflect the brand identity.
  • Security: The security features of the door must meet the requirements of the business and the local regulations, such as fire codes and ADA compliance.
  • Energy efficiency: You should evaluate the energy efficiency of the door based on the insulation properties, air leakage, and solar heat gain.
  • Maintenance: You must consider the maintenance requirements of the door in terms of cleaning, lubrication, and repair, and the availability of spare parts and services to make an informed decision.

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Steel Sliding Door Experts

You Get More Than Just a Door

With EAS, you get more than just a sliding door. With more than 15 years of experience, we pride ourselves in combining professional, quality, and friendly service.

Our commitment is to help you every step of the way, from conceptualising to assembling and installation of your doors. Our team of experts will help you get the best sliding doors suited for your facility every step of the way, from drawing, manufacturing, and delivery to installation. So give us a call and get your free quote today!

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    1. What are steel sliding doors?

    Steel sliding doors are a type of industrial door that slides open horizontally on a track system. They are typically used in factories, warehouses, and other industrial settings where durability and security are important.

    1. What are the benefits of steel sliding doors?

    Steel sliding doors are highly durable and provide excellent security against intrusion, vandalism, and harsh weather conditions. They are also low-maintenance and easy to operate, making them a popular choice for industrial applications.

    1. Can steel sliding doors be customised?

    Yes, steel sliding doors can be customised to meet the specific needs of different applications. This includes custom sizes, colours, and configurations. Optional features and accessories, such as windows, insulation, and weather seals, can also be added to enhance the performance of the door.

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