Proud to be helping Lucy to get to the special Olympics

Just Giving - Lucy

One of the guiding principals of Entrance Access Solutions is to support our community. We believe it is important to support charities and foundations that make our society richer and help us take a step back to appreciate what we have. This March we teamed up with The Munro Agency and decided to support a local girls dream of attending the Olympics and representing her country in the sport she loves, horse-riding.

Here is a little about the just giving page and Lucy’s story as told by her mother.

The story as told by Lucy’s mother:

Just giving Lucy MotherMy lovely daughter Lucy is 22 and for those of you who don’t know her would perceive her as a confident girly girl, just out of the beauty salon with glittery nails and her hair just perfect with not a care in the world. For those who do know Lucy , at 5 weeks old she went under the surgeons knife to fit a shunt valve into her head to release a build up of fluid from her brain called Hydrocephalus. Since those early weeks Lucy has been challenged with Cerebral Palsy a right sided weakness affecting her arm and leg. Epileptic seizures mostly resulting in hospital treatment and if that wasn’t enough for one person, Lucy is also on the Autistic Spectrum.

The one constant thing in Lucy’s life has been horse-riding, she was 5 years old when her physiotherapist recommended horse-riding to help with her posture and right sided weakness and started at the RDA in Glasgow she has picked up a few trophies and rosettes in that time. Lucy loves horses and everything about them with the exception of mucking out and would often say ” I’m not mucking out the stable, not with these nails “.

Lucy has been selected to represent Scotland West in this years Special Olympics in Sheffield for Equestrian. I don’t normally do this kind of thing but we need to raise money to help towards the kit, show jackets and a visit to Sheffield soon for horse selection – and for someone who has Autism it is so important to know in advance the horse she will be riding at Sheffield in August. Please donate what you can whether it just a pound – honestly everything helps.

Thank you so much love Dawn & Lucy xx

We would love for you help us make Lucy’s dream come true by sending her to represent Scotland West in this year’s Special Olympics in Sheffield for Equestrian. You can help us support her by following this link.